Compass and Arrow is a consulting firm specializing in cannabis business and brand development. We provide eloquent solutions to complex problems.

Compass and Arrow consists of a team of industry professionals with a proven track record of licensing and developing cannabis businesses throughout the Nation. Let our decades of expertise guide your next venture. 


Our templates simplify the cannabis application process. Be it a dispensary, cultivation, or manufacturing center... our templates contain all of the content you need to complete your state application for a cannabis business in California.





Compass and Arrow is a consulting firm specializing in permit application development, business planning, operations, market analytics and branding for the cannabis industry.

The Compass and Arrow Team has collectively won numerous highly-competitive cannabis licenses/permits across the entire country in some of the most sought after and coveted jurisdictions including:


State of Maryland (Retail, 7 licenses)

State of New Jersey (Retail, 1 license)

State of Illinois (Dispensary Templates, over 50 applications)

Sacramento, CA (Cultivation, Manufacturing and Distribution, 3 licenses)

Coachella, CA (Vertically Integrated Leasing: Cultivation, Manuf. & Dist. 10 licenses)

Cudahy, CA (Cultivation, Manufacturing, Retail, 5 licenses)

El Sobrante, CA (Retail, 1 license)

Lake County, CA  (Cultivation, 1 license)

Montebello, CA - (Retail, 5 businesses)

San Luis Obispo - (Retail, 1 license)

Monterey County, CA (Retail, 1 license) 

Oakland, CA (Cultivation, 2 licenses)

San Jacinto, CA (Cultivation, 1 license)

Yolo County (Cultivation, 1 license)

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Dr. Tom Galaraga has conceptualized, designed and developed many successful cannabis businesses in California, Maryland, Connecticut and Arkansas. This has included developing local and state level compliant layouts and blueprints; efficient operational plans that have been proven to effectively reduce COGS; and being awarded permits to operate in highly competitive, merit based industries.

Baltimore, MD: Co-developed and co-coordinated the composition and submittal of seven (7) dispensary applications for a highly-competitive and merit based application process in the State of Maryland. Responsible for generating the business plan archetype and general application content used to populate company generated templates. All seven applications were awarded a permit to operate a cannabis business in Maryland.

Cudahy, CA: Project managed and developed—under an expedited schedule, with one additional team member—application materials and content for five (5) different cannabis business license types in the City of Cudahy. All five (5) licenses were for a single, multi-use location. Responsibilities included operational layout and design, business planning and financial projections required to determine investment requirements. All five (5) licenses were approved by Cudahy.

Yolo County, CA: Designed operational layout for a fully licensed one-acre, mixed-light cultivation facility located in Yolo County, California that is on schedule to yield approximately 12,000 pounds annually (15-percent over initial projections).

Sacramento, CA: Designed two (2) indoor cultivation facilities. The total projected yield is anticipated at approximately 12,000 pounds of dry cannabis flower annually, and 240 pounds of raw trim. 


Tracie’s career path has been vast and diverse, working in insurance sales, time share, administration, escrow, and the information technology department with with Hughes Missile Systems. 


Tracie recognized her administrative talents while working with an influential time share cohort group, and thus decided to pursue an advanced degree in business administration. 


Tracie became interested in the therapeutic benefits of cannabis after individuals close to her experienced immense relief from PSTD with the responsible dosing of cannabis. In addition, Tracie observed how cannabis treatment could ween dependent opioid user off of destructive pharmaceutical drugs that had massive detrimental side effects. Tracie leveraged her connection with a California attorney to apply her business administration acumen in early land mark cannabis cases in Southern CA.


Tracie contributed to cases in Long Beach, Santa Anna, and Anaheim where cannabis dispensaries had been banned by local municipalities even after prop 215 had already been passed in CA. Tracie’s self-starter mentality and initiative gave her the confidence and insight to identify a niche as a private consultant in the infantile CA cannabis industry.


Tracie quickly ventured out on her own by consulting with clients in the cannabis industry by submitting competitive qualifying applications. Of the 30-applications Tracie worked on as a private consultant, all 30 were issued licenses.


Tyler began to see the connection between cannabis, local communities and the environment through natural resource management and service-learning projects based in Southern Oregon and later Humboldt County California. His dual degree from Humboldt State University in Applied Mathematics with an emphasis in Mathematical Modeling, and Geography with an emphasis in Sustainable Development, highlight his expertise and greatly complement the cannabis industry. Tyler is proficient in industrial atmospheric and high vacuum distillation of oils and volatile alcohols, chemical process techniques, phase separation and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). He has worked on final phase construction, commissioning, startup, product validation, and operator training for premiere zero-waste vegetable oil and animal fat refineries in Oregon, Hawaii, California and Alaska. These efforts helped to achieve nameplate production capacities processing up to 16,000 gallons of oil a day at one sight and exceeding nameplate capacity at another sight by more than 125%, producing more than 550,000 gallons of biodiesel per month.

Tyler has an advanced understanding of ISO 9001 (quality management systems requirements), hazard analysis risk-based preventive controls as it pertains to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), statistical process controls, and method and equipment validation as it pertains to ISO 17025 (general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories). As a Chemist for a state-of-the-art fuel analysis laboratory, Tyler became well-versed in over 200 different ASTM International methods. He has provided quality control testing and published Certificates of Analysis across multiple industries and participated in numerous proficiency testing round robins under an ISO 17043 program. Tyler has provided technical writing as a subject matter expert in manufacturing for cannabis business license applications in California, Maryland, Utah, Missouri and Illinois. 






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