[CA RETAIL & DELIVERY]        Complete Bundle

Save $175 with the Complete Bundle.


The Complete Bundle includes over 80 pages of templates and customizable content to help you complete the following sections of your retail storefront or non-storefront delivery application:

  • Security

  • Inventory

  • Non-Lab Quality Control

  • Delivery

  • Transportation


In addition to the retail storefront template, you will be required to complete the following supplemental forms for your application:

  • Annual Retail License Application

  • Owner Submittal, Financial Information

  • Premises Diagram

  • Bond

  • CEQA

  • If applicable, the Bureau Notification and Request form

Our templates have been drafted to specifically meet the unique requirements of the cannabis industry and are compliant with the current California Code of Regulations Title 16, Division 42.

[CA RETAIL & DELIVERY] Complete Bundle

  • Templates can be downloaded immediately after purchase. You will also receive an email with the link to download your product(s). Templates are in Microsoft Word format.